Prisyna’s novel glycomics technology disrupts oral contaminants and removes harmful debris.

A pioneer in the emerging science of glycomics technology, Prisyna is introducing breakthrough solutions aimed at improving oral health.

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Synedent Daily Oral Rinse — Fluoride Free

Many alcohol-based rinses contain up to 28% alcohol1. What’s worse, these popular oral rinses indiscriminately kill both beneficial and harmful oral microbes. Synedent products use biocompatible ingredients to enable safe and effective mouth cleansing properties. Prisyna mouthwashes are soothing, fresh mouth cleansers that promote healthy gums and teeth without the pain or burning caused by harsh chemicals or alcohol.

Synedent FLX Daily Oral Rinse — With Fluoride

Older adults are generally more susceptible to tooth decay than younger patients.2  Up to 59% of adults over 50 have dental caries and a recent systematic review noted 24% of older adults have untreated root caries3

Synedent FLX provides all the benefits of Synedent with additional cavity fighting activity.

Moisyn Advanced Formula for Dry Mouth Relief

Moisyn is specially formulated and clinically proven to relieve dry mouth symptoms, using advanced lubricants to hydrate and soothe dry, irritated oral surfaces. Additionally, patients will experience a cleaner, fresher oral environment.

  • Clinically proven to reduce oral pain and discomfort4
  • Moisturizes oral surfaces
  • Cleans mouth and freshens breath
  • Soothing with a mild flavor
  • Balanced, neutral pH
  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Patient and environmentally friendly
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