Moisyn Mist Spray

4.6 / 5 stars (49 reviews)



The mist is good but not enough comes out. Thought it would be more like a spray. Taste good and works if you use more.


Quick and convenient...great product to carry around to help with dry mouth on the go.


I use this myself. It is wonderful.


This has helped with mouth dryness at night better than other products I’ve used


I was given samples for my study club to try out and everyone (all 15) has had nothing but great things to say about the product! My study club is all hygienists and we see of course xerostomia on a day to day basis. This product is going to be a great assest to our practice and with our patients suffering with dry mouth.


Finally found a product I can recommend with confidence to anyone struggling with a dry mouth!


Fair price bexpected more relief for longer time.


I prefer this over other brands I've tried that are so minty and strongly flavored that they actually irritate my mouth. And it works!


It has helped keep me more normal.


Excellent dry mouth product


Got dry or sore mouth? Get Moisyn. I have mouth sores from cancer treatments. Moisyn mist has been a godsend—typically healing the sores in short order. The mist bottle is great for travel. I’m so grateful for this science!!


I am a Sjogrens patient and suffer with severe dry mouth. I have used every dry mouth product made. Most products burn me so badly I can't us e them or do not last more than a couple of minutes. This product is fantastic. It freshens my breath without the burn as well as gives me moisture I desperately need. Thank you for this product!


Great product. Easy to use and actually works.


Very good flavor, worked well.


My mouth gets so dry while sleeping with my CPAP machine. I keep Moisyn Mist bedside to easily and effectively relieve my dryness with a just few sprays.


This spray is convenient to use and does give me several hours of comfort.


Great product! I have tried them all and this is the best!


Very convenient easy to use especially on the go. Is a great size. Really helps to keep my mouth moist better than Biotine


Good flavor. Works well. I typically have to use a little more than directed for best results. Pleased with product.


Positive feedback from my patients with xerostomia due to Sjogren's, cancer and CPAP users.


Size is just right and convenient for daily use. It was particularly helpful for a patient who was a salesman. She talked all day and the dry mouth causes her to not pronounce words correctly. This spray was helpful


I tried the Mist product in the spray bottle and was very impressed with the pleasant taste and how soothing the mist felt on my tissues. I'll definitely keep using it to relieve dry mouth.


Excellent products.


I've tried several types of dry mouth sprays. Moisyn is the only one that works well overnight.


We sell the dry mouth mist in our dental office and our patients love it. Very good product! We highly recommend it


I have very dry mouth due to meds. I had been using Biotene never really liked Biotene's very weird texture. Moisyn is so much better. I would recommend your product to anyone that has dry mouth. I have recommended this to other patients with the same problem. Thank you so much for coming up with a better product then biotene.


This product really helps anyone suffering from dry mouth and is the perfect size to keep with you on the go!


This is a good mouth spray. Please make a toothpaste or gel that is just as pleasant to use. I have a hard time finding any I can use. Most have mint in them which burns my mouth and can't use.



Good spray to keep at the bedside. Could be a little stronger but does the job.




I have used Moisyn for about a month now, the spray allows me to maintain comfort throughout the day and easy to carry with me bring in a small bottle. If you are experiencing dry mouth I encourage you to include it into your treatment regiment.


I've used Moisyn for about six months now. I can truly say Moisyn really works! I have dry mouth. I've tried everything over the counter, but nothing has worked. I would wake up at night, with dry mouth, so I would reach for the Moisyn, and with just a few sprays of Moisyn into my mouth, instantly my dry mouth was cleared up! I can truly testify that Moisyn is my #1 nighttime remedy I keep it by my bedside, I am very thankful for such a great product .


I use Moisyn Mist when I have to present at a meeting or speak to large group of people. My nerves are usually a little unsettled beforehand and it causes dry mouth. This has helped a lot.


I'm a throat cancer patient. I use the Moisyn oral mist. It works fantastic for my dry mouth syndrome. Usually two or three pumps is enough. It doesn't burn unlike many of the others.


Very impressed with effectiveness of Moisyn Spray. May benefit patients using Qbrexza cloth to treat axillary hyperhidrosis and experience dry mouth.


Just tried the rinse version of Moisyn and I was completely astonished at how well it worked. First, the comfortable but complete feeling of instant hydration coating my mouth.... comfortable, not smothering.... Next, and continuing, was the increased and noticeable saliva flowing BETTER. This is a great product. No burning, tastes nice. DONE. The spray version works super fast and almost as completely..... If you are having a severe problem, get both.


Small & convenient for taking with you. It does moisten mouth well and has a good taste, not too strong.


If I wake during the night with dry mouth using the Moisyn Mist spray alleviates the problem immediately. I am delighted with this product and the quickness of its response to my need.



This dry mouth spray is one of the best I have ever used. It lasts for a long time keeping my mouth moist. And, the greatest thing about Moisyn Mist Dry Mouth Spray is it does not have a bitter taste! I know I have used other products like this, and I would close my eyes and expect the worst--not with this, as this is an enjoyable experience and accomplishes the task it was designed for. Thank you! Dry mouth sufferers we have a great new product!!! Run, don't walk to your nearest store and buy this now; or go online and order it now! Don't waste another minute suffering dry mouth when there is a superb product like Moisyn Mist Dry Mouth Spray just waiting for you to get it NOW!!!


I tried Synedent which worked pretty well for my dry mouth and helped with mouth sores from chemotherapy. Moisyn is another step in the right direction for the mouth sores. This is a wonderful product. Thank you scientists!




This works well for dry mouth, I recommend it.


Just started using it but it seems to work better and last longer than the biotene gel I've been using


Seems to work, but spray is too fine. Takes time to get enough in mouth. I've been using Biotene and that has a "heavier" spray that works quickly. Yours is better than other products I've tried from CVS, etc.



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Moisyn Rinse

4.7 / 5 stars (93 reviews)

Taste great and patients really liked it.


This product is truly amazing! It works within minutes of using it to treat dry mouth. It has a great taste compared to all of the other products on the market. It is extremely helpful at combating the dry mouth associated with medications. I highly recommend this product!


This is a good product for a dry mouth. My patients who suffer from this say it works great.


Gave my sample to a patient with terrible dry mouth. He loved it.


Loved the flavor. Fast acting. Lasted hours.


Taste is nice so compliance will be higher


I was amazed by this product


Great taste. Much longer lasting than the competition. Definitely recommended for dry mouth.


Most oral moisture products I’ve tried feel good going in but are gone shortly thereafter leaving my mouth dry again. This rinse stays with you. Still feels good hours later.


Mild pleasant taste.


I am a Registered Dental Hygienist and I recommend Moisyn rince and mouth spray to all my patients that suffer from dry mouth. This is the first product that I've had an overwhelming positive response to. All my patients have returned telling me their mouths are significantly less dry. This is not only helpful for their comfort but very important to prevent tooth decay. We need a moist, neutral oral environment to maintain healthy enamel.


My patients with dry mouth issues have been giving favorable comments about the smooth taste. Some have said it’s soft not like other products on the market. And they find it is longer lasting!


Finally, a product that helps with dry mouth that doesn't taste awful. The pleasant taste allows you to moisten longer. Having numerous allergies and sensitivities, this product deserves 5 stars for not having ingredients that cause aggravation but serves the purpose of helping with dry mouth.


The flavor is mild and pleasant, don't know about the moistening ability, just OK


Awesome product.


Product referred by dentist.What a blessing. My mouth feels great - fresh and odor free.


Works well, good taste


This product has a very nice flavor & I enjoy how fresh my mouth feels after use.


I gave to a patient with dry mouth. She thought it was better than the commercial product I had her try previously.


Gentle on oral tissues


This product is great for dry mouth relief. Taste is pleasing, and the cost is comparable to other brands. I recommend it often.


Quick and easy to use. Leaves a much better taste than Biotene. Hours of comfort. Thanks for the opportunity to try!


I like the way it leaves my mouth feeling fresh and moist without the burning sensation.


I used this product initially as a rinse as directed and was very pleased with the results. The rinse has a great flavor and really helped moisturize my mouth far longer than a sip of water. I then filled a small spray bottle with Prisyna and sprayed it a couple of times into my mouth every hour or so. My mouth felt fresh and moisturized throughout my whole work day.


I love to try products first hand before recommending them to patients. So I can provide an accurate description for when I recommend a product. I’d definitely recommend this product. Easy to use and tastes good.


Does what it say. Long lasting dry mouth relief.


I got such relief using this product!!!!


Pleasant flavor! Very soothing


Moisyn is the best dry mouth rinse my mother in law has ever used! She has Sjogren's and medication related severe dry mouth and has tried many different products over many years. I'm a registered dental hygienist and after participating in a class on the product, I purchased it for her. This has been the only rinse that has truly relieved her dry mouth symptoms. She can't wait to try the mouth spray too. I now recommend Moisyn to all my patients affected by dry mouth.


Used it with a sore throat and it eased all the soreness.


No more Sahara Desert at night. One way to ensure a restful night of sleep is to rinse with Moisyn before bed. No more tongue sticking to the roof of your mouth when you wake up.


Patients with dry mouth symptoms are liking the taste and feel your product is helping. I give samples to my patients to try in the office in the beginning of their dental appointment and at the end of the appointment, they like the refreshing way their mouth feels.


I do think this product helps with dry mouth so I will reorder when used up.


Product is very nice! Nice taste, and long lasting moist result. I will definitely recommend this product to my patients! This product has way better taste than Biotine, and is easy to use compared to other mouth products.


This is a nice alternative for patients with dry mouth. Lasts well.


I have been using this product in my office for my patients with dry mouth concerns. They like the flavor and the way it makes their mouths feel. It's a great way to introduce a new product to them.


I am a dental hygienist and I recommend Moisyn to all of my patients who suffer from dry mouth. Great for patients going through chemo/radiation treatments.


Would recommend to family and friends does the job with great results


I have tried other products that work as well or better than moisten. I find it more expensive than the others I have tried.


This product is definitely worth the price. My husband uses it every evening, and he noticed significant improvement. He has both dry mouth and mouth health issues, and thus product helps with both.


I try every product that I suggest to my patients and Moisyn is by far the best! It has a pleasant light mint flavor and my mouth felt moist long than any other product I have tried. It is now the first thing I think of when a patient has dry mouth!


I found that all the patients I see that sampled the Moisyn Rinse were very pleased!


I love it !!


I have plenty of patients who struggle with xerostomia and this is my favorite product to refer! I have had great experiences and compliments. Super easy and great taste. Love this product so much!


Ordered a sample for my operators for patients to try and the response has been wonderful. Love the taste!


It is a very good product and it has been a help to me.


Works as described, liked by patients.


I have used these products for over one year on the advice of my dentist. I have not had problems with my teeth since starting them.


Moisyn rinse for xerostomia - Moisyn rinse is a pleasant tasting rinse. It has a nice mild flavor that does not irritate oral tissues. It is very helpful for use prior to c-pap therapy.


Moisyn provides relief from mouth soreness and dryness caused by Sjögren’s syndrome. The relief lasts longer than drug store rinses


This mouthwash is tasty and made my mouth feel comfortable. A positive addition to my oral care routine.


I have severe dry mouth caused by Sjogren's Syndrome. The Moisyn Rinse provides me substantial relief between dosages of dry mouth prescription meds. It tastes great and I love that it is made from natural products.


Great product, Great taste


Long lasting moisture. Pleasant taste. Priced right on Amazon.


The best product for dry mouth. It works and tastes great. It's natural and kind for your dry mouth.


Rinse tastes good, no after taste like some rinses out there.


I personally have not used this product, but I am a dental hygienist and I recommend this brand to my patients with dry mouth and have great response. My patients love the rinse and it really helps with dehydrating dry mucosas and it lasts


This product by far exceeded my expectations at relieving dry mouth. It works especially well for those taking medications that cause dry mouth. I will be recommending that anyone experiment dry mouth, don’t just rinse MOISYN!!!


Seemed to increase saliva and moisture to mouth. If used 2x day.


Refreshing and moisturizing. This product has a very pleasant light minty flavor that does not burn the tissues of my mouth. Its moisturizing formula felt different than most other formulas, not oily or heavy. This rinse helped my mouth to feel comfortably free of any sticky dry feeling.


My patients and I have enjoyed the flavor of this product in comparison to the others on the market right now.


I have an Aunt with Sjogrens so I give her all my new samples to let me know what she thinks. She immediately called me and asked where to purchase. It is her new favorite product!


We have tried many moisture rinses over the years. My patients like Moisyn best!




Good product


Moisyn alleviates a great deal of the dry mouth conditions from my c pap use


I purchased a bottle for my dad. He takes many medications and suffers from dry mouth. He keeps the bottle by his bedside and uses it throughout the night. Wonderful product.


As a dental hygienist I selected this product for my husband pre and post radiation treatment. I anticipated many issues with head and neck radiation and am pleased to report none. No mouth sores no severe Xerostomia. I have shared the results with my colleagues.


Great product, leaves mouth moist and refreshed.


I am an RDH and recommend this to my father to use during his intermin of implant/bone grafting. His tissue response was wonderful and he actually enjoyed the mild flavor. I distribute literature to my dry mouth patients, periodically involved, and patients who do not like products with alcohol/strong/stinging sensation.


This product has truly helped me with my dry mouth. It feels so soothing after rinsing with it.


This product is everything that it’s advertised to be. My husband, who has advanced Parkinson’s Disease, has found that the rinse has helped his gum health, his dry mouth, and the overall condition of his teeth/mouth. Although this product is rather costly, a small amount is all that is needed, and we think that the results justify the price.


Excellent relief! The product works fast and isn't harsh


I have had a problem with severe dry mouth, throat and tongue to the point I couldn’t sleep or talk correctly. The Moisten rinse allowed me to sleep again. It was amazing. I’ve used other brands, but they do not last all night. I’m going to get the spray for daytime as I’m on the phone all day and I need this badly as well!!


Wonderful product. Works well for patients with xerostomia. Needs to be more accessible for purchase.


This is the best mouth rinse I have found to use. I gave both of these products 4 stars rather than 5 because I have not used it long enough to know if will help the dry mouth but as soon as I know I will change it to 5 stars.


Really enjoy the flavor and no burning.


Immediate response to the customers needs


This is the best product of its kind that I've tried to date-I've tried most, even a prescription from my dentist in NC. Thank you.



I have possible Sjogren's diagnosis. This seems like it is helping w/dry mouth symptoms.



Questionable results. I noticed no difference. It feels very astringent after I've spit it out. It actually never says if you're supposed to swallow it or spit it out.


I have recently started using this rinse and I like it very much. It does give me relief from my dry mouth issues.


I am undergoing a therapy for cancer that causes extremely dry mouth. All the treatments I tried to alleviate to ease my dry mouth caused burning. Moisyn was very soothing and I got immediate relief after so much pain. It helped me to be able to sleep as it lasted all night. It also helped me be able to eat, good nutrition is so important when you are undergoing treatment. I am impressed with this product and even shared with my oncologist. Thank you Moisyn!


I have used Moisyn for about a month now and the immediate relief using the rinse twice a day is a welcomed feeling. If you are experiencing dry mouth I encourage you to include it into your treatment regiment.



It has helped my mother with dry mouth. Thank you




I really enjoyed the light clean minty flavor of this product. I have been using it myself and I've been recommending it to my patients who suffer from xerostomia.


Very tasty and works well for my dry mouth


This fits well in my bathroom cabinet and I just put a little in a small cup. It works well and is not too strong for me, with a pleasant flavor.


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Synedent Rinse (Fluoride-Free)

4.9 / 5 stars (65 reviews)

Really good, Not only a great mouth wash, but heals cold sores and cuts


Started using your product as soon as I received it. Had a dentist appointment yesterday and he was pleased with the results so far.


This product is amazing - it has helped keep canker sores at bay and other mouth irritations....it has a gentle mint flavor that is not too overwhelming....I recommend this product to everyone!!


Excellent oral rinse, recommended by my dentist.


This mouth rinse leaves your mouth so clean. Great product!! Has the best taste ever too!


Keeps the cavities away.


About 5 years ago, my gums were receding slightly - alarming my dentist and requiring quarterly cleanings and monitoring. After trying Synedent himself, he recommended that I use it twice daily. After about 6 months of use, my gum health recovered, gum receding stopped and I went back to normal 6 month cleanings. I use Synedent in the shower in the morning and again at night. (I don't spit it into the drain as it promotes growth and drain clogging; I spit it into a house plant - which flourishes.) I give a bottle to extended family members and friends when I hear that they have gum problems. I am very pleased with the results and will continue Synedent use.


My husband has suffered with apthius ulcers most of his life. I was thrilled to find that this rinse is gentle on the tissue and even may control his outbreaks. As a hygienist I will be recommending this product to my patients in the future


This product will absolutely prevent acid from forming in your mouth. One can monitor this by noting no sour aftertaste will from after using the product. Remember: a fundamental principle of chemistry is that all acids have a sour taste. No sour taste in your mouth means no acid. It Product keeps oral pH where it is supposed to be It gives relieve for about 12 hours. I recommend using it after brushing the teeth.


Patients have really liked this products and have seen great results from using it!


Used this many times and liked the taste as well as the clean feeling after using.


My dentist highly recommended I use this product. I love that it doesn’t burn/sting! It has also helped mouth sores heal faster!


My dentist recommended this product and I've been ordering it since. I've had wonderful results and both my dentist and I are so happy. Wish I started using this mouthwash earlier.


Great product. This was recommended by my dentist.


I'm a dental hygienist and use this product on almost all of my patients at the end of their professional cleaning. I use it with a soft toothbrush to soothe, disinfect and massage their tissues. Patients love the taste and I like the effects from this product. If patients have mouth sores or inflamed gum tissues, I send this product home with them as well! I love this product!!!


After the suggestion by my dentist to use this product, my doctor noticed a great improvement on my gums. Great taste and very mild.


This first was brought to my attention by my dentist to maintain / reduce some pockets in my back molars because of surgery and some periodontal disease. With its use we have maintained the problem and not have any changes. It also helps aiding my gums as well.


Leaves my mouth minty fresh! Keeps my mouth feeling healthy and clean!


Great Post Op Rinse - Hands down the best post op rinse after any oral or periodontal surgery. Patients love it and healing time significantly reduced.


I like the taste. I like the clean feeling when I'm through rinsing. I like it. Better than any other mouth product I've tried.


We have been using this product with great success in managing patients with oral mucosal diseases. It helps reduce plaque levels which in turn decreases the frequency of exacerbations. Patient acceptance is good because it tastes great and relieves symptoms!


We have seen a reduction in plaque/tartar in our patients who are on this product.


Synedent Rinse is the best I have tried. It’s soothing and refreshing and the recommended 30 second swish with a teaspoon sized dose really works for me. Great product!


As a practicing dentist that has sold Syndent in the office for over three years, I can state that the health of the gums of patients that use Synedent is much improved over those that do not use the product.


My dentist highly recommended Synedent as I have dry mouth due to Sjogren’s Syndrome. Since I have been using it (at least five years now) I’ve had a lot fewer cavities.


I was introduced to your product by Brian Novy. It has been great for minor gingival irritation and my chronic oral ulcer patients. A relative with gingival irritation secondary to GVHD loves your product as well.


My dentist, who uses this himself, recommended Synedent. I definitely believe it has decreased the frequency of dental issues such as decay since I've been using it.


I have been using this product for two years. It is a great rinse and effective without using very much. It freshens and moisturizes. My bottle seemed to be disappearing more quickly than I thought it should then I discovered that my husband was using it too. He is very difficult to impress. So just knowing that is a ringing endorsement of this product!


Product is used to calm occasional irritation on inside of cheeks...works extremely well. Also seems to be quite effective in preventing dry mouth syndrome.


Synedent has a refreshing taste that isn't too harsh. I love the clean feeling, and it has been very effective keeping my gums healthy!


Finally, canker sore relief!!! I love that this rinse is free of irritants like SLS and alcohol. The chitosan in it really helps my recurrent pathos stomatitis.


If not allerigic to shellfish, works well with caries reduction and periodontal inflammation reduction.


We have offered this product for several years year, and our patients keep coming back for more bottles. Patients love the results from the mouth rinse. We will continue to sell this product in our dental office.


My dentist used the mouth rinse on me after treating me for a deep pocket issue that I have had for multiple years. Honestly felt an instant difference in the sensitivity of the area that needed special cleaning. Having extremely sensitive skin tissue, it is a relief to find a product that does the job without the harsh, burning after taste.


Ive been receommended this product by my periodontist and it's been great. Been using for a few years with no problems. Helps my gums tremendously!


Product was introduced to me by my dentist as an aid to controlling my periodontal problems and healthier gums. Seems to be working because we've stabilized the problems so far.


We love this product. Our dentist recommended the rinse and we use it twice a day. Ordered online at Prisyna and the service was excellent, prompt, and well packaged.



Excellent customer service



Great product and "simple" to order online at website!


Bought 3, gave one to friend! We love how this mouthwash makes my mouth feel and also helps with preventative care (no cavities:) ) with proper ph support:)!


Product seems to hold mouth acid at bay--never get the sour aftertaste I sometimes get. I commend the company on its prompt delivery service!


I had an abrasion on my gum caused by ill fitting dentures. The dental hygienist gave me a bottle of Synedent to use. Just 1 teaspoon twice a day and within a week i was healed. I now keep Synedent on hand in case of further abrasions caused by the dentures.


I buy Synedent based on my dentist's recommendation. The ease of ordering and status of shipping updates I receive are great! If you're going to buy this product, deal with Prisyna; it's way cheaper than Amazon!


This mouth wash is the best it has helped me so much I recommend it and my dentist recommends it too !



I like the product and am glad I found the website for ordering. I would recommend expanding to include easy location on Amazon. Most sites are resellers which were twice the price.

Prisyna Customer

It has a great minty flavor and very gentle for the tissues. Will buy again


Quick shipping


Great product and fast shipping. Thank you very much. My Dentist recommended Synedent Rinse and I am very pleased with the results.


Simply the best products on the markets!


This mouthrinse is amazing. Rinse for 30 seconds and the dirt just falls off your teeth. Use it for a day and notice your teeth take much longer to feel fuzzy. Left it behind on a trip, could not wait to get back home to use it. :) That's saying a lot. This is now my go to rinse.


Leaves my mouth feeling clean and refreshed and tastes good. It keeps my mouth comfortable during the day and is easy to use. Love it!


I really appreciate the one cost postage. Big savings


It came more quickly than expected.


Was shipped and received in a timely manner. It's a good product. Not overly sweet, yet minty. Perfect mouthwash for me

Prisyna Customer


I like the way my mouth feels after rinsing clean and fresh.


Love it. Leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean. Better dental visits, too.


Wonderful oral product!


Prisyna Customer

Very happy with it.


Our family dentist recommended Synedent because of its amazing healing performance. My husband who has battled bad breath found it to do a terrific job for halitosis. Yes we are totally convinced that Synedent is a superior product and does much more for oral hygiene.

Prisyna Customer

I've been using Synedent for a few years now and honestly can't live without it. I never use regular mouth washes or rinses due to all the chemicals and horrid taste. Your product on the other hand not only tastes great, but really does leave my mouth feeling clean and fresh and not like I've scrubbed it out with Pine-Sol! I really can tell that it removes the plaque film and it brightens my breath as well. Thanks again for a great product!


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Synedent FLX Rinse with Fluoride

4.9 / 5 stars (28 reviews)

My dentist recommended that I use this product. I like that it doesn’t sting like most mouthwashes.


Pleasant taste leads to compliance, leads to benefits!


My grandson likes the taste better than any other rinse. So, he uses it.


I loved the texture and flavor.


Tastes great, feels fresh, and super gentle unlike other rinses that use alcohol or other harsh ingredients. Best part is the arginine!


My dentist recommended this wonderful mouth wash I had to get deep cleaning to correct what a hygienist was not cleaning right, he gave me a bottle to take home and said if you use this faithfully your gums and teeth will get much better, well I started using it and I could see and feel the difference two days later ! My gums are healthy I don't have to get the deep cleaning I am sold on this product that I have used for the past 6 years my mouth always feels refreshed and I will never go back to using store bought mouthwash. It also works and heals canker sores instantly ! The staff at the company are wonderful anytime I order they are so kind and helpful I also use moisyn for dry mouth. Wow it really works and helps take that dry mouth away. I keep it by my bedside when I wake up in the middle of the night and feel my mouth dry a couple of sprays and I'm back to sleep. Love all these products I have told many people about synedent by Prisyna. My whole family uses it my husband gets panicked when he's running out I tell him not to worry I'll order more ! I'm sold on this product because it really works and does what it is supposed to do. Thank you everybody at Prisyna.


Helps with tissue discomfort from lichen planus and any other mouth sores. Very soothing!


I really like this product. My mouth seems to not get so dry like it used to.


I have provided this sample to patients that are currently undergoing chemo and/or radiation treatment. I have also provided them with Moisyn spray as well. I have had an opportunity to speak with them after using the mouthrinse and they like the taste! They also tell me that it is refreshing to have an on the go spray when their mouth gets dry!


Grandson loves the taste and willingly uses it.


This is a great product. Taste good and makes your mouth feel fresh.


The first time I tried this product, in my dentist's office I was amazed at how my teeth felt - instantly. I've been using it for months now, and while I expect the long term results to be excellent, I will wait for those results. In the meantime the rinse feels instantly great on the surface of my teeth, mouth, etc.


Recommended by my guru seminar presentator. Good taste. And if active ingredient comes close to what it should by research a game changer


This product tastes great and because it is used only once a day it is easy for my family to use. Seems to moisten my mouth and my geographic tongue is better.


The synedent fluoride mouthwash is excellent! It has such a great flavor and I like how you only need to use a small amount for it to be effective. I like that it is alcohol free. The ingredient chitosan arginine promotes healing and I love how well it works off-label too! Synedent is the only mouthwash I will use from now on!


This product is easy to use and tastes great so people don’t mind. Love that there are fluoride and non-fluoride versions!


The flavor is just right, not too spirited and not too bland! I have noticed that my mouth feels cleaner since I have been rinsing with Synedent FLX. I love knowing the fluoride is strengthening my teeth!


This product is fantastic. Fresh clean taste, with no bad after-taste. Helps relieve temperature sensitivity.


Good product, flavor is a bit strong but acceptable




Bought it for my grandson who has dry mouth, PH, caries issues. He likes the taste (he's only 7) I hope it helps


We are loving the products. Fast shipping and great customer service. Thank you for everything.



Very satisfied, thank you.


I love this stuff. Fresher breath, whiter teeth, better check-ups...what's not to like?


Excellent service. Will buy from Prisyna again.


Very good product... I really feel my entire mouth .. very clean and smells good too .. and my entire inside mouth and tongue feels very happy and normally healthy :)


Prisyna Customer

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