Synedent and Synedent FLX help to maintain a clean and healthy mouth. Synedent FLX helps to prevent cavities.

Prisyna mouthwashes are soothing, fresh mouth cleansers that promote healthy gums and teeth without the pain or burning caused by harsh chemicals or alcohol. We use naturally derived, environmentally compatible ingredients that disrupt oral contaminants, remove harmful debris, and promote healthy teeth and gums. Prisyna mouthwashes are pH balanced, with a mouth friendly formula that won’t harm enamel or sensitive mouths.

Why Synedent?

Synedent Advanced Mouthwash reduces bad breath and cleanses the mouth.

Synedent provides a soothing, comforting mouth sensation. Its alcohol-free formula will not irritate sensitive mouths.


Why Synedent FLX?

All the benefits of Synedent, now with fluoride to prevent cavities.