Moisyn  |  Proven Dry Mouth Relief

Moisyn Dry Mouth Rinse

- Attracts, holds, and retains moisture in the mouth

- Clinically proven to reduce dry mouth symptoms

- Cleans the mouth and freshens breath

- Naturally derived ingredients

- Nontoxic, alcohol-free formula

- pH balanced, gentle formula

10 fl oz
Moisyn Mist Dry Mouth Spray

Convenient spray for on-the-go relief.

- Attracts, holds, and retains moisture in the mouth

- Clinically proven to reduce dry mouth symptoms

- Cleans the mouth and freshens breath

- Naturally derived ingredients

- Nontoxic, alcohol-free formula

- pH balanced, gentle formula

2 fl oz

Relieve the dry
moisyn your mouth

Talking, swallowing, and sleeping are basic things we typically take for granted—until doing them becomes difficult, uncomfortable, or even painful.

MOISYN is clinically proven to replace moisture and relieve pain associated with dry mouth, and is designed to restore healthy mouth functions safely and naturally. In a published, peer-reviewed clinical study of dry mouth sufferers in the United States, MOISYN was proven to reduce pain and increase comfort.1

The study also demonstrated that mouth pain affecting sleep was significantly reduced.1

A majority of dry mouth sufferers – 82% – who used MOISYN in the study experienced relief of their dry mouth symptoms.1 This included relief from common symptoms such as:

  • Difficulty swallowing and chewing
  • Getting food stuck in the throat
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty swallowing medications


Results from a published peer-reviewed clinical study of Moisyn1:


Improvement in whole unstimulated (resting) saliva


Relief from dry mouth symptoms


Improvement in pain affecting sleep


Would purchase and use MOISYN for their dry mouth product


The unique formula used in MOISYN includes  patented ChitoTek™ chemistry with naturally derived ingredients that attract moisture to the tissue in the mouth.

By attracting, holding, and retaining moisture from its surroundings, MOISYN creates an oral environment that is richly hydrated, pH balanced, and ideal for relieving mouth surfaces with moisture-loving, moisture-rich molecules.

  • Attracts, holds, and retains moisture in your mouth
  • Reduces dry mouth symptoms that can affect sleep, speech, and lifestyle
  • Is clinically proven to reduce oral pain and discomfort1
  • Cleans your mouth and freshens breath
  • Uses naturally derived ingredients, free from harsh chemicals
  • pH balanced formula that’s gentle on your mouth

Naturally Derived Ingredients

MOISYN contains just eight ingredients that, when combined, are gentle yet powerful. That means comfort and effectiveness in removing impurities that are attacking your mouth. MOISYN is free of harsh chemicals, detergents, parabens, chlorhexidine, and alcohol that can be found in other oral products.

  • Purified water
  • Glycerol (plant derivative oils)
  • Sorbitol (fruit derivative)
  • Xylitol (fruit derivative)
  • Spearmint Flavor (plant derivative)
  • Betaine (plant derivative)
  • Chitosan & Arginine (polysaccharide + natural amino acid; chitosan derivatives)*
  • Sodium Hydroxide (for pH balance)
*Contains shellfish derivatives. Please see Indications and Directions below.

Indications and Directions

MOISYN Rinse and MOISYN Mist relieve the symptoms of dry mouth while moisturizing and lubricating oral dryness.

Moisyn Rinse

DIRECTIONS: Swish vigorously in the mouth for 1 minute with approximately 1 teaspoon (5-6 ml) of liquid, then spit out. Use up to 2 times daily, or as needed.

Moisyn mist

DIRECTIONSSpray 3-4 times directly into the mouth, and onto the tongue and affected oral tissues. Use throughout the day as needed, up to 6 times per day.

Warning: For oral use only. Not to be used by children under the age of 12 or pets. Do not use if safety seal is broken or damaged.

Caution: Contains shellfish derivatives. Chitosan used in our products is derived from the shells of shrimp. Most shellfish allergies are caused by a muscle protein, tropomyosin. The highly purified chitosan derivatives in Prisyna products are from the shrimp shell and not muscle tissue. Those who suffer from a shellfish allergy should consult a qualified medical professional about use of Prisyna products and potential allergen testing.

Dry mouth relief, in real life

“If I wake during the night with dry mouth, using MOISYN alleviates the problem immediately. I am delighted with this product and the quickness of its response to my need.”



Ratings & Reviews

I’ve used Moisyn for about six months now. I can truly say Moisyn really works! I have dry mouth. I’ve tried everything over the counter, but nothing has worked. I would wake up at night, with dry mouth, so I would reach for the Moisyn, and with just a few sprays of Moisyn into my mouth, instantly my dry mouth was cleared up! I can truly testify that Moisyn is my #1 nighttime remedy I keep it by my bedside, I am very thankful for such a great product .

Jerrie P.

Moisyn Spray User

I have recently started using this rinse and I like it very much. It does give me relief from my dry mouth issues.

Sandra N.

Moisyn Spray User

Just started using it but it seems to work better and last longer than the biotene gel I’ve been using


Moisyn Spray User

1. Joel B. Epstein; Villines, D.C.; Singh, M.; Papas, A. Management of dry mouth: Assessment of oral symptoms after use of chitosan-based oral product. A. Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology. 2016.