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What makes Prisyna products different from other oral rinses?

Prisyna is integrating naturally derived ingredients with innovative polysaccharides to create mouth rinses that support oral health and wellness. By integrating the restorative benefits of Chitosan with the pH balancing properties of Arginine, we’ve developed ChitoTek™—an innovation inspired by nature and scientifically proven. Our products each deliver the benefits of ChitoTek in various ways. MOISYN is designed to keep your tissue, teeth, and gums clean, pain-free, and functioning while SYNEDENT and SYNEDENT FLX focus on oral hygiene and cavity prevention.

Where can I buy Prisyna products?

Our products are available for purchase on our website and Amazon.

Are Prisyna products available outside of the US?

Currently, we only ship and sell product in the United States.

Where are Prisyna products manufactured?

All products are manufactured in the US in a pharmaceutical-grade facility and sourced, produced, and processed with the highest quality standards.

I have a shellfish allergy, can I use Prisyna products?

Most shellfish allergies are caused by a muscle protein tropomyosin. The highly purified chitosan argininamide and chitosan derivatives in our products are from the shrimp shell and not muscle tissue. Those who suffer from a shellfish allergy should consult a qualified medical professional about the use of the product and potential allergen testing.

Do the oral rinses have alcohol in their formula?

All Prisyna products are alcohol-free. Our formulas are gentle but effective and won’t cause the stinging or burning effect of other products that use alcohol.

What other ingredients are NOT included in Prisyna products?

We do NOT add the following to our products: alcohol, artificial colors, SLS or other sulfates, parabens, gluten, hydrogenated oils, chlorine, chlorhexidine, triclosan, hydrogen peroxide, or cetyl peridinium chloride.

What is the pH of Prisyna products?

Prisyna products are manufactured at a pH of 7.2-7.5. We ensure a pH higher than 5.5 to help protect teeth enamel from the harmful effects of an acidic environment.

Has Moisyn been clinically proven to relieve dry mouth symptoms?

Yes. A clinical study was published in the peer-reviewed journal, Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology (OOOO) in 2016. The study included 57 patients, where 82% reported relief of dry mouth symptoms, 76% found relief from thick saliva, 31% had a reduction in pain associated with sleep, and 84% would purchase Moisyn in the future. For more information on the study, click here.

How can long I expect a 10.1 fl oz bottle of oral rinse to last before I run out?

If the rinse is used once per day and 1 teaspoon per use, the rinse should last approximately 60 days. Please refer to the product label on the bottle for specific directions.

How long can I expect a 2 fl oz spray of oral mist to last?

If 4 sprays are used per application with 2 applications per day, the mist should last approximately 45 days.

Are there discounts available for larger purchases?

Prisyna offers multi-pack configurations for all products, and discounts are built into each multi-pack. For example, an 18-pack will cost less per bottle than a 6-pack. Please visit our online store to see specific savings on multi-packs. Prisyna offers bulk quantity pricing to offices that are interested in being a provider of Prisyna products. Please contact us at 855-774-7962 or info@prisyna.com if you are interested in becoming a distributor.