Advanced solutions for oral health.

Prisyna is an Oral Health company founded to support and optimize Oral Health. A pioneer in the emerging science of Glycomics, Prisyna is introducing breakthrough solutions aimed at bridging the gap between dental, oral and primary care.

Through the use of advanced, proprietary glycomics technology, natural materials are integrated with innovative polysaccharides to create soothing rinses for the mouth that support a healthy oral cavity.

Prisyna is the distributor of the Synedent oral care brands. Prisyna uses only biocompatible ingredients with no additional or extraneous components that could be harmful to tissue. The goal of Prisyna’s scientifically driven formulations is to create effective products without sacrificing comfort, safety, or the environment.

Prisyna was established in 2013 to provide innovative, natural–based oral care products that are both effective and gentle on the oral tissue. We develop superior products that improve oral health and promote routine oral hygiene. Our products are designed with forward-looking technology mindful of our customers’ needs.