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Good News for Our Valued Prisyna Customers

Some Good News for Our Valued Prisyna Customers:

On behalf of everyone at Prisyna I would like to extend our most sincere thanks and gratitude for your continued support of our products. In our constant effort to create the very best experience for our customers, we are making some changes to our discount, packaging, and shipping options, designed to save you money and make it that much easier to continue enjoying the benefits of using Prisyna products. Specifically:

New 18-pack option: now you have a new “stock up” option for Synedent® and Synedent® FLX with our new 18-bottle pack. Buying Synedent this way can save you up to $14 on the overall purchase!

New 3-pack discount: Synedent and Synedent FLX 3-packs now have a 2% discount, giving you a new savings option for buying more. Please note that the 2-pack option is no longer available.

Flat rate shipping of $5.99: with any of our packaging options – from 1 pack to 18 packs – now you only pay $5.99 for shipping!

These changes are based on feedback we’ve received from customers like you, and we hope you agree that we’re taking positive steps to continuously improve the Prisyna customer experience.

I am thrilled to report that we have experienced outstanding growth this year, and with the launch of our new dry mouth product, Moisyn® (10 oz Rinse coming mid-September), we expect 2018 to be a record year for us.

Best Regards,

Leo Pranitis
General Manager