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Alcohol-free Synedent® promotes healthy teeth and gums without pain or burning
Synedent FLX – All the benefits of Synedent now with fluoride to help prevent cavities and strengthen teeth
Finally! Advanced dry mouth relief is here! Free trial offer of Moisyn® Mist now available.


  • Alcohol free

  • Environmentally friendly components

  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums

  • Freshens Breath

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Synedent FLX

  • Alcohol free

  • Helps prevent cavities

  • No harsh chemicals

  • Does not stain teeth

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  • Advanced relief of dry mouth symptoms

  • Powerful soothing of oral irritation

  • Effectively reduces oral pain

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Why does my other oral rinse cause a burning sensation in my mouth?

Advanced Oral Hygiene

Through the use of breakthrough, proprietary glycomics technology, natural materials are integrated with innovative polysaccharides to create soothing mouthwashes that support a healthy oral cavity.  >Learn more



Prisyna was established in 2013 to provide innovative, natural–based oral care products that are both effective and gentle on the oral tissue. We develop superior products that improve oral health and promote routine oral hygiene. Our products are designed with forward-looking technology mindful of our customers’ needs.